Fair Trade for Trade Balance in Nepal – रुपान्तरण बहस कार्यक्रम

According to Trade and Export Promtion Center:
“World Fair Trade Day 11 May, 2019 को अवसरमा विश्व बजारमा अत्याधिक माग रहेको नेपाली स्वच्छ व्यवसाय अन्तर्गतको उत्पादन तथा निर्यात प्रवर्द्धन सम्बन्धी सगरमाथा टेलिभिजनले आयोजना गरेको बहस कार्यक्रम “रुपान्तरण” मार्फत प्रसारण भएका केन्द्रका कार्यकारी निर्देशक समेत सहभागी भएको कार्यक्रम:”

Handicraft industry can generate employment

According to the article of Himalayan News Service
“Some of Nepal’s handicraft products include pashmina and dhaka products; woolen goods; felt and silk products and cotton, hemp and alloy goods. Silver jewellery; metal craft; handmade paper products; wood craft, bone and horn products; ceramics products; leather goods; incense, paubha (thanka); Mithila art; beads items; bamboo products, dhakiyas (baskets made of a certain type of wicker); and khukuris are some of the non-textile handicraft products of Nepal. But Nepal has not been able to explore the export potentialities of these products. Nepal’s handicraft exports have seen rise and fall over the years. In the fiscal year 2016/17, handicrafts worth Rs. 4.8 billion were exported to different countries, the Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal said in July last year, indicating a growth compared to the previous fiscal year. The annual growth in the export of handicraft products, according to Commerce Secretary Chandra Kumar Ghimire, is three percent, which is but tepid.”

Export of Woolen Products to different Countries

According to the article of newbusinessage “The export of woolen products in the first six months of fiscal year 2018/19 increased by 9.8 percent compared to the corresponding period of previous fiscal year.

During the review period, Nepal exported woolen products worth Rs 1.57 billion which is 2.1 percent of the total export of the country.

According to the Trade and Export Promotion Centre, there has been a significant increase in export of woolen and felt products in the recent years.

USA is the major market for woolen and felt products. USA consumes two-thirds of the woolen products exported by Nepal, says Sharad Bikram Rana, executive director at the centre.

Besides the USA, other major destinations for Nepali woolen products are Germany, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, France and Japan.

“There is a good demand for woolen products in the international market,” said Rana, adding, “But we are facing problems in production and export of such products due to ineffective policies.”

President of Nepal Wool and Felt Exporters Association Bikram Thapa, the woolen industry has given employment to 20,000 women.

“There is a lack of skilled manpower in this sector,” he added.”

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